LINN Terminal Management System

Edge Terminal Management System

LINN TMS is designed to provide clear split between Cloud and Edge technologies as representations of Informational and Operational technologies. Due to a reason of different dynamics related to the changes and development of industrial software compared to the business software systems, providing their independence is a must. Virtual isolation provides cost effectiveness and lower maintenance investment.

LINN TMS Logical architecture

LINN TMS can completely cover Terminal management workflow control. Also, it has capability to communicate with external systems using standard or vendor-specific connectors (SAP interface).
LINN TMS is based on ENSACO Solutions platform - RX–platform.


  • Covers complete Terminal Management workflow process including Traffic, Scale, OCR, Batchers, etc.
  • Inbuild configuration interface for additional customization of the system and equipment (parameters, custody-transfer, pumps, reservoirs…)
  • Support for sample data entry and data manipulation retrieved from Laboratory Informational Management System
  • Peer-to-peer communication between multiple LINN TMS systems, while keeping configuration aspects of whole system as simple as possible. LIN TMS systems are independent from each other and yet functioning as one.
  • Support of all market relevant interfaces (Microservices, MQTT, REST, JSON…)
  • Support of automation software interfaces older generation (SQL DB, WEB Service…)
  • Capability to be extended with Edge AI component for improving work efficiency and security
  • Easy to handle user interface for System supervision and parametrization


  • Easy scalability
  • Complexity control
  • Improved efficiency and security
  • Complete terminal management workflow process covered
  • Reliable solutions
Software Solutions

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