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In any branch of production, there is respectable competition at the global level, in which Company can survives only with sustainable level of quality in every segment of the technological process. Whether it is process of manufacturing semi-finished or finished products, it has to be in accordance with standards. Next requirement is high productivity and willingness to respond quickly to market demands with regards to quality, design, portfolio for different groups of users. These requirements can be realized only with the next level of automation of as many processes as possible and at all available levels - from production to business. Integration of all levels of business is the key to success. It doesn’t have to require large investments and a long time of realization as it could be assumed. Main task is to, as early as possible, plan the machine/technological segment automation in such a manner so all relevant technological and business sections are to be considered. With many years of experience and specific process knowledge, ENSACO Solutions offer problem solving services or designing a complete system solution. Depending on the specific case, we approach to the automation in two ways, classical (Waterfall) and agile methodology.

Oil&Gas Terminal automation

We have 20 years of experience in automating process of oil and oil products loading on the terminals for different types of transport (truck, rail, ship, pipeline) and on different levels of control:

  • Preset controllers, PLC/DCS and SCADA systems, connected to control/measurement equipment for loading process control in accordance with order
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems and Terminal Management System, with following tasks:
    • Interfacing to the ERP system
    • Accepting commercial requests for oil and oil products loading/unloading
    • Conversion into technological orders for loading/unloading adjusted to installed control/measurement equipment (flow-computer, scale etc.) and transport type
    • Integration with other systems (Tank Inventory System, Laboratory Management System)
    • Order execution sequence
    • Generation of complete documentation for goods receipt and dispatching.

Smart Grid automation

ENSACO engineers have extensive experience in designing, testing and maintaining Power Automation Systems. Apart from that, they have deep understanding of Smart Grid related processes, mainly in Transmission and Distribution domain. Protection, Control and Measurement systems is undergoing a transition to modernization and full digitalization, strongly following standards developed by IEC and IEEE. Members of our team are part of standard development and offer you state of the art solution for any problem in this field.

Rubber industry

We executed automation projects related to different segments of tire production (trucks and automobiles). Technologically, we were involved in automation of:

  • Mixing, calendering and extrusion of rubber
  • Homogenization and preparation of product mix
  • Tire building process
  • Vulcanization and
  • Automatic quality control.

Rubber industry is one of the typical examples of large-scale production, where it is very important to satisfy and maintain high quality, in order to build competitive final product. Each of the production segments must be highly automated and integrated into one system, which continuously collects data for further processing and maintaining of production quality control.

Software Solutions

Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

Bill Gates

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