Consulting Services

Years of experience at your disposal

ENSACO Solution aims to provide industrial automation and power energy expertise through consultancy services. Consultancy services are oriented to fields where we have longest experience and expertise such as Terminal Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems and Power Energy domain (general and Smart Grid).

Industrial IT development and
consultancy services

We can halp you in developing most demanding Software architectures. With experience in field of mixed OT/IT envirement, we are capable to ensure futureproof of your Automation System and System interface design.

Services in the field of
Automation systems communication

With experience gathered from inhouse development of varuous communication protocols (Modbus, OPC UA, S7, IEC 60870-5-101/104, DNP3, standard IEC 61850 based protocols) we offer services of:
- Industrial Communication System Design,
- Parameterization,
- Testing and
- Diagnostics

Training and courses

Get the first hand information from experts envolved in IEC 61850 standard development. Training and courses can be tailored and adopted to your needs and present knowledge level. Theoretical introduction is empowered with practical exercises that will guaranty efficient knowledge adoptation.

Software Solutions

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