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It is not enough for code to work. - Robert C. Martin

ENSACO Solutions has developed general purpose Real-time platform as a basis of present and future Company products. Products are group in two product lines: Industrial automation products (LINN Products) and Industrial system elements (LINN Modules)


Open source general-purpose Real-Time Database Management System with protocol framework and programming tools. {rx-platform} can be used as distributed platform for building applications that exchange Real-Time data.
It is Industry 4.0 ready.

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LINN Terminal Management System

LINN TMS is designed to completely cover Terminal management workflow. It has capability to communicate with external systems using standard or vendor-specific connectors.

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LINN Modules

Plugin modules developed to provide additional functionalities of RX-platform.

  • Communication protocols
  • Historian module
  • Security module
  • Soft Logic module
  • Simulation module

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{rx-platform} deployed in NIS

{rx-platform} is deployed as small as plugin to the existing MES system as part of project of Coke Handling System integration. Every moment it is proving its stability and versaility in harsh and demanding enviroment.

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Software Solutions

Every successful hardware has a software behind.

Thiru Voonna

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